Round Earth or Flat Earth? Twitter trend shows controversy caused by the ‘flat earth’ theory

The Round Earth. Image: Google Images

The twitter trend #flatearth amused many across the UK on Tuesday 12th February 2020, after ‘flat earther’ Mark Sargent clashed with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning.

The ‘Flat Earth’ theory began in the 1960’s according to Mr Sargent, who believes the earth’s physical appearance is the shape of a ‘flat disc’. However, this recent interview has caused a public divide over this theory, which has been met with sarcastic memes and posts online.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s interview with the ‘Godfather’ of the Flat Earth Movement Mark Sargent about why the Earth is supposedly flat regenerates interest in the debate and leads to twitter tweets with people’s opinions being expressed mainly through memes

Mr Sargent argued that the earth is flat and surrounded by an ice wall, which is the Antarctica. He claimed we are all led to believe that the Earth is round as a result of fake images by space stations.

He believes that there is no evidence for the earth being round, despite photographs showing the earth’s curvature.

A twitter post mocking the idea that the Earth is flat despite it being shown in shape of sphere

Many online tweets mocked this ‘flat earth’ theory, arguing that there is no evidence of the ice wall as no one has ever been there. Mr Sargent argues that this is a result of the Antarctic Treaty.

A twitter post using a traditional quote to mock ‘Flat Earthers’

Foundations such as ‘The Flat Earth Society’ believe that society is finally ready to accept this concept, unlike in the 1960s.

The NASA Logo. Image: Google Images

NASA, however, continue supporting their original findings that the earth is a sphere and has been gradually changing shape over the years, however it is not flat.

Mr Sargent, who was also part of the Documentary ‘Behind the Curve’, was supported by some Twitter users.

A twitter post by twitter user who clearly believes the idea that the earth is flat

However, these posts were also met with sarcastic responses, degrading the opinions of ‘flat earth’ believers.

A twitter post by a twitter user who is clearly passionate about the idea of ‘flat earth’

In response to this tweet by ‘Flat Earther’, one twitter user replied with a GIF which quotes ‘I-I-I can’t fix stupid’ from the series How I met Your Mother.

What do you think the shape of the earth is? Do you agree with the ‘flat earthers’ or NASA?

Click here to review both sides of this debate and comment below your opinion if you wish!

One thought on “Round Earth or Flat Earth? Twitter trend shows controversy caused by the ‘flat earth’ theory

  1. The trouble with “classic” flat earth perspective is its foundation in religious dogma. Whilst a spiritual influence on our world’s physical shape may be a true and real thing, it should only be promoted as such whereby ‘spirituality’ embraces ‘rationality’. Here then, we present GALEARTHÉA …


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